Posted on Sep 18, 2020

Contrary to popular belief (or what you hear me speak about with unbridled enthusiasm), I do not eat Donuts, Burgers, Burritos or Ice-cream, all day every day.

In fact I eat these very, very rarely.

I can’t state the following quote loud enough;

‘You cannot out-train a shitty diet’.

Unfortunately/fortunately for me, I could eat whatever I want and my weight and aesthetics probably won’t change.

But I would feel like shit. So I avoid them.

Yet even with avoiding all these foods, my current health issues are still diet (and gut) related but they just present differently.

Some of my current health issues are; Dry/flakey scalp, poor sleep quality, raised stress and cortisol levels. They don’t seem like much, or might seem irrelevant as they are partially unseen, but to me these are serious issues that cause me angst and worry and therefore I should I address them.

For almost 20years, my diet has been the key focus of creating my version of health. Movement and training actually came second. Occasionally people look at me and say ‘well you don’t have to worry about food, look at you’, which is sort of flattering and naive all at the same time. Had I not made the choice to focus on diet, maybe my physical me would be totally different today at 47 years old to what it might have been?

The moral of the story is simple. Don’t sell out on nutrition. Buy in.