Posted on Nov 26, 2013

Hey team, hope you all enjoyed Saturdays session as much as I did! Everyone who made it in moved better and lifted more than I had expected it was awesome!

For those of you competing at the Red Bluff comp on Sunday I advise you stick to the following schedule for this week to taper heading into the weekend.

Remember this week you should always feel like you could have done more. Tuesdays workout should be your last intense workout. Everything else should be performed at a reduced intensity/volume.


CFSK WOD->Skill work 20-40 Minutes on mobility


Skill work or Pips Weight lifting class (light)+CFSK WOD Mobility


Active recovery day – 40 Minute clock… Row 3 minutes 20 reps of Banded hip thrusts Good mornings Pull aparts Run 400m Slow Then 20 minutes mobility.


Mobility+Oscars weightlifting class (Light) and or Skill work


Primary rest day. Swim, Yoga, Massage and or 40-60 minutes dedicated to mobility and stretching.


PTT Skill work (light) group mobility. Nutrition, game day prep etc.




Below are some suggested skill pieces you can work on. feel free to swap in movements you feel you need more work on but do not over do it especially on things like TnG box jumps, double unders ring dips or push-ups. Hold yourself to tight standards and movement quality.

Pick TWO of the following, based on greatest weakness for each skill day…

A. Overhead Squats 5 x 3 reps, moderate – not for time. Work ankle and shoulder mobility before

B. Ring Dips 4×5-10 Kipping with 15 seconds rest between sets. Stretch chest after

C. Double unders 10×10 UB Sets Mash calf before/after

D. L-Sits 10 RFT: 10 seconds of L-sit hold Couch stretch after

E: Toes To Bar EMOTM for 10 minutes 6 unbroken reps

D. 5×10 UB Wall balls Rest 10 seconds between sets. (use soft ball)