Posted on Sep 8, 2020

I didn’t need any additional reason to admire Ethan Hawke more than I already did.

When you are watching him onscreen – you know. Actors like Ethan Hawke, Sean Penn, Casey Affleck simply leave me in awe. (And make me wanna practice the craft of acting again..)

So this clip of Ethan talking about creativity and creative permission just puts his stock way up in my book.

Creativity should not be defined. If I wanna crack eggs and feel creative I should do it. If you wanna swing a kettlebell and feel creative, so be it. Your creativity should simply reflect your own individual process.

No doubt the true artists, poets and actors are at the top of our creative pyramid. But lets not disregard or dismantle our own ability to be our version of creative.

Yours with questionable creativity,

eL Locko.