Workout of the Day

The WOD, as it is commonly called, is a workout that is programmed for all of the CFSK members to complete on a specific day.  There are different WODs each day, with different types of exercises, time limits, and rep schemes.  Our workouts are expertly programmed to provide members with the constantly varied, high-intensity style that is CrossFit’s signature.

What can I expect in a typical training session?

All of our training sessions are one hour in duration.  Although each session is different, depending on the WOD, we generally start with a ten minute warmup, then discuss the WOD.  Every facet of the WOD is explained and all movement standards are demonstrated.  We then move into a skills session, warming up each movement and to our target weights.  Scaling options are available for every member so during any given training session, members may use different weights, perform different movements, and be doing different reps.  Following our skills session, we attack the workout.  Because of the sheer amount of instruction we fit into each class session, we ask that all of our members are on time, or early.

I’m not very fit; is CrossFit for me?

Anyone, at any age and any ability or fitness level can start CrossFit today!  The beauty of CrossFitting at CFSK is that our programming and training methods are centred around increasing your current level of fitness and strength, regardless of your starting point.  Whether you have never completed an exercise program or have competed in sport, CrossFit presents its own set of challenges for all athletes.  Our expert staff of coaches will support you, help you scale if needed, and guide you on a lifelong journey of health and fitness.

How often do I need to train?

We recommend that you train an average of 5 days per week to get the greatest benefit out of your membership.  However, different athletes prefer to train more or less than, depending on how their body feels and what their lifestyle can accommodate.