We do us, no one else.

Programming that focuses on the foundations of movement incorporating new training methods and future needs.

A space for all people. Gracious in our wins and losses, no ego.

CFSTK is a collective space that uses exercise as the foundation for developing your tribe and your lifestyle. A hub for you to create your ideal experience.

We’re the new normal, creatively programming current and relevant movement for everyday functional strength and endurance.

We plan for longevity with movement that serves a purpose. With coaching that considers individual progressions at each experience level, life stage, age, injury or pregnancy.

We look different. CFSTK is not only a gym but also a retail space with purposefully curated items – both for fitness & for fun. We’re a gallery or event space. We are lovers of people, music, art, history, skateboarding, family, and hounds. Nothing we do is standard, ordinary, or normal.

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