Posted on Sep 7, 2020

Back in 1987, the EPIC movie, The North Sure showed the un-glamorous side of Texas Wave Pool surfing as Rick Kane thrashed and schralped  his way to winning a winter on the  North Sure of Oahu.

Fast forward to a Covid riddled 2020 and the world of the wave pool has forever changed. Even here in Melbourne we have UrbnSurf Wave park rolling out waves every 3minutes when its not locked down.

And thanks to crew like Stab magazine, wave pools are now hosting comps that better resemble a skate comp.

So my question amongst al thsi drivel, why does every day fitness have to be so rigid? That’s partly rhetorical cos I know heaps of people will jump up and down and say ‘cos you’ll get hurt’ yadda yadda yadda.

We never said fitness was supposed to be stupidly programmed or dangerous we just asked if it could be FUN!.

Trust me, I have a bunch of friends that have been really badly injured surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing, riding their mountain bike, but no one ever told them not to do it! Exploding ankles, torn ACL joints, slashed eyes, some of these sports resemble mixed martial arts more than soloist pursuits.

Anyway- I’m getting off point.

What defines fun in sports like surfing or skateboarding, BMX or any soloist pursuit?

Camaraderie? A little bit of silly banter? Encouragement from peers and mentors? Creative freedom within the sport itself? Adventure? Some friendly criticism about style and technique? 

Why cant fitness have these and be still healthy for you too? Like the working week, who decided it had to be one way but not the other?

If you know me you might understand that my personal quest is to unburden some of the shackles within the fitness industry and directly within the tiny patch of the pond that my gym exists in.

So this week, we’re going to celebrate some creativity and freedom of expression. Starting with 23minutes of fairly radical wave pool punts!

Yours with questionable reasoning,

eL Locko