Posted on Mar 30, 2020

CFSTK WOD 31/03/20

30 Jumping Squats
24 Reverse Lunge
16m Bear Crawl

A. 2 rounds for time:
60 Alt DB Snatch
50 DB Sit Ups
40m Single Arm Overhead DB Lunge (20m E/S)

B. With a broomstick/mop/stick:
3 sets of:
Tempo Deadlifts* x 10 @ 30X30 (yes – 30seconds!)
Tempo Behind The Neck Press** x 10 @ 10X10
*30s from Bottom of DL to Top and 30s from to bottom, 1 sec pause, repeat
Be real about the tempo! Lay your phone/timer down in front of you or have someone time you. Don’t cheat seconds!
** 15s from Behind The Neck to Overhead and 15s from OVHD to BTN , 1 sec pause, repeat

Warm Up:
2 rounds of:
60s Jog
10 DB Goblet Squats
10 Single Arm DB Row 10 E/S
10 Single Arm Press 10 E/S
10 Single Leg Dead’s 10 E/S

2 rounds of;
60s Jog
30 Single Leg Glute Bridge 15 E/S
10 Prawn Squats 10 E/S
10 Inchworms – No PUSH UP