Posted on Mar 29, 2020

CFStK WOD 30/03/20

A. 15mins of Agility Drills
A- Four Shuffle Sprint
B- Rainbow
C- Figure 8 with Back Pedal

Spend 5min on each drill. Add pace, increase distance and reduce angles to add intensity.

B. At Home 17.5
10 RFT
9 Handstand Push Ups**
35 Double Unders*

Scale to:
20 Doubles
60 Singles
50 Toe taps to a box/low platform
HSPU: (depending how you pecs feel from Sat/Sun)
Hand Release Push Ups
Handstand Negatives (3sec descent)
40s Handstand Hold against wall.

Part A Warm Up:
60s Jog
20 Single Leg Hops 20 E/S
60s Skipping any style – Boxing, fast feet, single leg, fast/slow.

Part B Warm Up:
Safe to say your lower body should be pretty warm so:

2 sets of:
3 Tempo Push Ups @ 333X
15sec Double Under practice