Posted on Mar 28, 2020

CFStK WOD 29/03/2020

A. Single DB DT
5 Rounds for time of:
12 Single Arm DB Deadlifts (12 E/S)
9 Single Arm DB Hang Cleans (9 E/S)
6 Single Arm DB Jerks (6 E/S)

On 3,2,1,go complete 12 Single Arm Dead’s on the Left and then 12 S Arm Deads on the right, then 9 Single Arm Hang Cleans on the Left, then 9 S Arm HLCN on the right etc..

If you feel like your DB is too light then use your KB or increase reps up to:

B. AMRAP of: Single Arm DB Rows
Left Arm DB Row + Push Up (with Hand on DB)
Slide DB over to Right:
Right Arm DB Row + Push Up (with Hand on DB)
Slide DB over to Left:

Left PU = 1
Right PU =2 etc

Score is reps.

Warm Up:

60s Jog
10 Goblet Squats
10 Single Arm Rows (10 E/S)
10 Single Arm Press (10 E/S)
10 Single Leg Dead’s (10 E/S)

5 Single Arm Hang Squat Clean & Jerks (not a Cluster!) 5 E/S.
Rest 20s

DT is about GRRRRRRIP! And possibly more so with a DB.
Our advise is to find away to relax the grip at various times through the movements. Ie: you dont need to grip the DB super tight at the top of the press/or on the shoulder. So let the fingers spread at these times and either re-grip at the shoulder or on the way into the hang.

Go out consistent in R1 & 2, but not HOT. It should feel about 80%. You should almost feel like ‘I feel good, I’m gonna crush this’.
At round 3 & 4 it becomes about getting to R5 and R5 is all out..