Posted on Dec 24, 2018

The CFSTK 12 Days of Xmas!

(Bring a beer or fizzy min!)

12 Rounds for time of:

1 Squat Clean Thruster 60/42.5kg/AHAP
2 Box Jump, 30/24″
3 Push Press 60/42.5kg
4 Toes to bar
5 Front squats 60/42.5kg
6 Push-ups
7 V-sits
8 Squat thrust over bar
9 Deadlifts 60/42.5kg
10 Jumping Lunges (10 E/S)
11 Wall Balls 9/7kg
12 oz. Beer. (can or stubby…)

NOTE: On 3-2-1 GO complete 1 Squat clean thruster. Round two starts with 2 Box Jumps and then 1 Squat Clean Thruster, Round three is 3 Push Press, 2 BJ and then the 1 Squat clean thruster. So the final round starts with drinking a beer, then goes back through the 11, 10, 9, 8…and finishes with the 1 Squat clean thruster. If you don’t drink – find the fizziest mineral water you can or do 12 burpees.

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