Posted on Dec 23, 2018

CrossFit StKilda Workout Of The Day 24/12/18

No 5pm, 6pm MOB or 6:30pm WOD today.

A. El Sesho versus El Sesho
For Max Calories – 4 x 6min AMRAPS;
Max Ski Erg Cals
Max Air Bike Cals
Max Row Cals

Each session will be divided into teams of 2. Ski Ergs, Air Bikes and Rowers will all be used at the same time.

On 3,2,1 Go, Athlete A of each team will start working through X Calories on the Ski, Bike or Rower while B waits. Athletes will alternate at any time. Continue alternating for 6minutes for Max Calories.

At 6minutes all teams will change equipment and repeat the process.

At the end of the session, the Calories from all equipment will be totalled up.

The total calories will be divided by number of people in the session and the session will have an average number of calories per person and this is the score for the session.

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