Posted on Jan 23, 2019

CrossFit StKilda Workout Of The Day 15/01/19

362 StKilda Rd is currently closed for renovations.

Today we are training at StKilda Beach with sessions at 6:30am, 12:30pm, 5:00pm.

Gonna be a warm one so be smart and bring a hat, water bottle etc.

Warm Up
Water Jog/Submersion

A. 4-5 sets of:
Sand Sprint +
16 Fast Strokes

Rest 60-90secsn between sets.

*If you dont want to swim (put your head under) any swim part can be scaled to a water run.

B. 2 rounds of:
20 Ben Corby’s (Sand Burpee, no touch overhead)
400m Sand Run (Run to pier and back)
40 Push Ups
200m Swim

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