Posted on May 22, 2020

CFStK WOD 23/05/20

TXSDXM – En Casa or El Estacionamiento – Ocho!

A. For max reps:
1min Max Sit Ups
1min Max Mountain Climbers
1min Max Zombie Sit Up (with DB held in front of chest/overhead)

Rest 3mins,

B. 9min AMRAP
9 DB* Front Squats
7 DB* Facing burps
6 DB* SH2OH (3 E/S)
*1 x DB

Rest 5mins,

B. For time;
Oval Run*
80 Pistol Squats**
Oval Run

*Run 1 lap of the CBC football oval.
*Single Skips/Double Unders/Star Jumps
**Prawn/Rev Lunge/Narrow Squat