Posted on Jul 13, 2020

CFSTK WOD 14/07/20

A. 20m AMRAP
10m Handstand Walk*
30 DB Step Ups – Chair/out door ledge/couch/bed…
60 Double Unders/Singles

*5 attempts for max distance/10 Kicks to wall/60s HS Hold/60s Pike Hold/20 Pike Shoulder Taps

Warm Up:
20s Single Leg Hops Left
20s Single Leg Hops Right
2 Inchworm to Pike + 6 Shoulder Taps
10 Reverse Lunge to Knee Tuck (5 E/S)
X 2

B. 3 sets of: ‘sexy proofing’..
30 Side Plank Reach Arounds. (15 E/S)
30 DB Glute Bridges
30 Back Extensions/Supermans