Posted on Nov 11, 2019

CrossFit StKilda Workout Of The Day 12/11/19

A. 20mins working through;
Snatch DL + Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Hang
Power Snatch
12/9 Cal Ski/Air Bike

B. 5 rounds:
50 Doubles
12 DB Hang Clean and Split Jerk
12 DB Hang Split Snatch

StKilda Barbell/Gymnastics

Starting Tuesday 19th November our Tuesday Barbell session is going to alternate between Barbell (WK1) and Gymnastics (WK2).

This will be a great chance to spend some more time on Gymnastics such as Ring Dip, Toes 2 Bar, Kipping Pull Up, Bar and Ring Muscle Up, Handstand Walk and Handstand Push Up.