Posted on Oct 3, 2019

CrossFit StKilda Workout Of The Day 04/10/19

A. 11m AMRAP/working through;
3 DB Thrusters
3 Ring Muscle Up
5 DB Thrusters
3 Ring Muscle Up
7 DB Thrusters
3 Ring Muscle Ups

Continue in this order adding 2 DB THST each round.

This workout should start steady and then the goal is to maintain that pace all the way to the finish.
Approach the later rounds (11-13+) of DB Thrusters planning to break and when you do break allow a maximum of 5-8seconds before pick up the DB’s.

Adv – AMRAP/Open Pace/Open weight 22.5/15kg DB
RMU – If you don’t yet have a RMU take this opportunity to practice any elements to get you closer if they come up in The Open.
Low Ring Transition
Box Jump to Low Ring Catch
Snap Pulls
Int: Practice your Ring/Band Transition using a False Grip or any of the above drills.
DB – Focus on good mechanics and pick a medium weight Dumbell to allow you to get into the later rounds but also force you to break,

B. For time:
100 Pull Ups

Time Cap 10mins – directly into:

C. For time:
100 Dumbell Lunges