Posted on Mar 31, 2020

CFStK WOD 01/04/20

A. Tempo Run
10mins out 10mins return with negative split. (Adv 15m+15m)
Using the same course as 25/03/2020, todays goal would be to end up slightly further away in 10mins and still negative split the return.

B. Tabata – Ghetto Sled Push
Find a Brick or load your DBs&KB’s into a washing basket and make a 5-10m track either in your car park, on some grass, or carpet. (Dont use your washing basket on concrete!)

On 3,2,1 Go push your Ghetto Sled for 20s as far as possible using your 5-10m track. Rest 10s and repeat for another 7day rounds.

You score is total distance.

Warm Up:
10m Sampson Lunge
10m Walking Quad Stretch
10m Over Unders 10m E/S
10m High Kness
10m Butt Kicks

Jog for 3mins-5mins slower than normal. (We call this a Veggie Jog) and then repeat the above Warm Up.

As always -Check your laces, and when you’re ready, line up at the door….