Posted on Oct 3, 2020

Texas Death Match

With a running clock:

E.1 8 RFT
20 Doubles (Scale: 1/2 reps or double reps of singles)
8 Alt Pistol Squats*

Scale to Prawn/Box

8min Time Cap

At the 13min mark;

E.2 For time:
30 Alt Single Arm Devils Press
30 Front Squats

8min time cap.

At the 26min mark;

E.3 2 RFT
20 Single Arm Hang Cleans (20 E/S)
20m Overhead Lunge* (20m E/S)

*Scale to front rack

8min timecap –

At the 39m mark;

E.4 8m AMRAP;
10 Handstand Push Ups*
10 DB Sit Ups

*Scale to Pike

Rest 5mins,

At the 52min mark;

E.5 For time:
500m Run*
50 Thrusters (25 E/S)
500m Run

*Scale to Row/2:30min of cardio.