Posted on Oct 14, 2020


A. 5min working on:
3 Clean Pull
Add load at any time.

B. EMOM x 3
Squat Clean x 3

B.1 Ev 45s x 4
Squat Clean x 2

B.2 Ev 30s x 8
Squat Clean x 1

Add load each bar.

C. Back Squat
3 x 20
Barbell taken from the floor
Rest 90s between sets.

At Home – Thursday

A. The Ghost at Home
6 rounds for Max Reps;
1min of DB Swings
1min of burpees
1min of Double Unders/Singles
1min rest

Try for as many reps as possible of EACH exercise, not just total score.

B. Tabata
DB Goblet Squat
8 x 20s On/10s Off