Posted on Oct 11, 2020

CFSTK Laneway

A.1 6mins working through;
8 Deadlifts
Add load at any time.

B. 6mins working through;
5 Front Squat*
Barbell taken from floor.
Add load at any time.


C. DT EMOM x 10
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Jerks

Pick a load that allows you to complete each minute unbroken and with 10-15s rest at the end of each minute.

If you are unable to finish the round in 60s, complete the rounds and rest to the next minute.

At Home;

A. 5 RFT
200m Run
15 DB Swings
10 DB Front Squats (DB held end to end under chin)

B. For time:
40 Shoulder Taps
40 DB Push Press (20 E/S)
40m Single Arm Overhead DB Carry (40m E/S)
40 Handstand Push*

*Scale to Pike/Reduce rep/20 negatives