Posted on Oct 23, 2020

Welcome to the CFSTK 2020 CrossFit Games Finals weekend.

Of course our workouts will be nothing like that of the super big dogs, but they will be a shit tonne of fun and probably/hopefully more horrible than you expect.

With Games weekend it is SUPER important that you stick to your movement standards. If you are unsure of any movement standards please double check prior to starting any event.

You can take as much or as little rest between the workouts as your day allows.

But the golden rule is to have fun fuckers!

E.1 2007 At Home variation
For time:
1500m Run
5 rounds of:
10 DB Renegade Squat Cleans
(Left Arm Row + Push Up + Left Arm DB Squat Clean =1, repeat on the Right for 2 etc)
10 Single Arm DB Shoulder to Overhead (5 E/S)

E.2 For time:
30 DB Front Squats (DB held end to end under chin)
20 Burpees
30 Front Squats
20 Burpees

*Please ensure your hip crease clearly breaks below the top of your knees in the bottom of the FSQT. If you think you aren’t deep enough, you probably aren’t. Better still, film yourself from the side to double check!

E.3 CrossFit Total At Home Variation
For max reps.
3mins Max Reverse Lunges* (unweighted)
3mins Max Push Ups
3mins Max DB Swings

No rest between workouts.
Your score is the total for all 3 movements.

*Prior to starting mark two lines spaced 1m apart. Start with your heels in front of the front line. When you step back you back your foot must be completely behind the rear line.


E.5 For time:
300 Squat Thrusts* (If you have a weight vest, wear it)
*Every 3mins – 100m Run
** Prior to starting, set up in a plank (no pikes!) and mark a line at your hands and your toes. Each squat thrust must start with hands on or in front of line, and toes must pass behind line when athletes jumps back.