Posted on Jan 1, 2021

Special change of schedule and format tomorrow – Saturday January 2nd 2021

Open Gym/uncoached Partner workout.
8am WOD
9am Barbell

Hannah B will be opening up and playing DJ but there will be no official Coach on deck.

BUT, here’s what I suggest…

Get in for 8am, WOD will start at 8:20am. Back half of room will do A, front half B then alternate…
At 9am you can either do barbell or gymnastics extras or both.. Good talk…

A. In teams of 2; – 13m AMRAP of;
A – 10 Dumbell Box Step Over (2 x DB – AHAP)
B – Max Row for meters
Alt every 10 DB STPS

Score is total meters and total DB weight x 4 (2 per athlete)

Rest/transition 5mins

B. In teams of 2; – 13m AMRAP of:
A – 100m Run/Ski Erg
B – Max Push Press
Alt every 100m

Score is total meters and total Barbell weight x 2 (1 per athlete)


A. Power Clean & Jerk
Add load each set. Can reset between reps.

B. Narrow Stance Front Squat
2 sets of:
Add load for set 2.

A. EMOM x 12
M1 – 30s Max Toes 2 Bar
M2 – 30s Max Handstand Push Ups

B. 15mins working on a gymnastics weakness.
Bar Muscle Up
Ring Muscle Up
Handstand Walk
FreeStanding HS Hold