Posted on Sep 25, 2020

A. 6 RFT
200m Run
16 Alt Pistol Squats
5m Handstand Walk*
7 Handstand Push Ups*

Adv- try and walk to the wall and move directly into HSPU. If you don’t have 5m, use whatever distance you have and then make up the reps to a total of 8-12reps. EG: 3m Walk + 9 HSPU = 12reps. 3m+5HSPU = 8reps. Go by feel.
If you cant link the movements, break them into 2 separate movements as per normal.
HSW: 5attempts for max distance, 5 Kicks to Wall, 30s back to wall HS Hold.
HSPU: Reduce reps 3-5, Perfect Plank Pike Push Ups x 7-10

B. 15m AMRAP;
75 Dubz
20 DB Front Squats (DB held end to end under chin)**

**Note: I KNOW that you’re legs are already cooked from yesterday’s air squats and today’s pistol squats. And of course its not that I don’t care, but……