Posted on Jul 29, 2016

CrossFit StKilda Workout Of The Day 30/07/16

Starting Saturday August 21st CFSK will be taking the Go Faster Get Stronger 6 week Challenge.

The GFGS 6week challenge will target nutrition, training, recovery, mobility and mental health and will start and end with a 1Rep Max and Fran.

Each week athletes earn points for CrossFit WOD’s, improvements in Load/Time for workouts attending mobility, Yoga and general physical health, but will loose points for cheat meals, consuming alcohol or poor nutrition.

The 6week Challenge will start with a 1hr seminar hosted by Dr Kirby. During this session Dr Kirby will explain in detail how the Challenge will work for each athlete, how to stay motivated and also discuss Gut Health, inflammation, sleep recovery and other essential ingredients for amazing health and well being.

This is going to be a great challenge.

The cost to participate is $120.00 and for this you will receive:

1hr GFGS seminar at CFSK
2 x Evolve Into Fitness Body Comp scans (Conducted at start and finish of challenge)
GFGS online Log Books

And most importantly you will receive improved health and wellbeing!

Prizes will be awarded for:
Most Improved Overall
Best 1RM Improvement
Best FRAN Improvement
Spirit of The Challenge

Once all participants are registered, a closed FB group will be established and this will be used to allow all participants to remain motivated and share training, nutrition and health advice with other participants. Dr Kirby will also be involved with the group so it will be a valuable forum to share ideas, ask questions and stay motivated.

This is a great opportunity to set up some rewarding personal change not only leading in to Summer but also as an ongoing standard.

If you have any additional questions, GFGS Information books, the GFGS guide book and GFGS Logbooks are available to view at CFSK.

Registration is now available at reception at CFSK.

Really looking forward to seeing people get involved with what will be a great fun 6weeks at CFSK.

CFSK WOD 30/07/2016

A. EMOTM x 10
Min 1: 8/10 Toes 2 Bar
Min 2: 10m HandStand Walk

Scale –
T2B – Kipping Knee Raise>>Bar Taps
HS Walk – Shoulder Taps>>Box Walk

B. Back Squat
In 18mins work up to a heavy set (not max) of 5 for your BS.

C. For time:
400m Sandbag/Slam Ball Carry – AHAP
40 Sandbag/Slam Ball Air Squats – AHAP
400m Sandbag/Slam Ball Carry
40 Sandbag/Slam Ball Air Squats

15min Time Cap.

StKilda Barbell

A. Snatch
7 x 2
Same load across all sets @ approx’ 70% 1RM

B. EV 2mins x 10
1 Clean Pull
1 Low Hang Squat Clean
Add load each set to finish on a max for the complex.
If you fail a lift, return to the weight prior and complete all remaining sets at that weight.