Posted on Jun 29, 2015

A. Every Minute on the minute x 25

Min 1: 40m Framers Carry 32/24kg

Min 2: 15 BB Bent Row 40/30kg

Min 3: 20 OH Plate Lunge Steps 20/10kg

Min 4: 8 x Active – Passive Hang

Min 5: 40/30 Double Unders


B. With a partner:

Complete as many reps as possible in 5mins of:

Wall Climbs

A – Perform 2 x Wall Climb

B – Hold Hollow Body

If either athlete stops/drops, that Rep does not count.

rest exactly 3 mins and then:

C. With a partner:

Complete as many reps as possible in 4mins of:

Toes to Bar

A – Perform 6 x T2B

B – Hang from Bar

If either athlete stops/drops, both athletes must stop.


CFSK Run Endurance

Short Interval

Warm up:

5 mins jump rope

3 x 20 glute bridge

3 x 20 second hollow rock


3 x 20 wall pull

3 x 50m carioca

3 x 50m cop drill


3 x 100m @ 80%

3 x 200m @ 80%

Rest 3-5 mins

Main set:

10 x 100m all out, rest 30 seconds between each.  Try to keep times consistent and technique controlled.



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