Posted on Jan 29, 2015

In 15 minutes build to a heavy 3rep Deadlift

Two sets of:
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 3 minutes of:
10 x Ground to Overhead 45/30kgs (Power Snatch, Snatch, Clean & Jerk)
10 x Overhead Squat 45/30kgs
10 x Squat Thrust

Rest 3 minutes between sets, and complete a total of two sets. Start the second set where you left off when time ran out on the first.

Open Extras.


Three sets for max calories:
90 seconds of Assault Bike
Rest 3 minutes between each effort.

These must be full effort sprints! (You can also use the Rower)

Every two minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
10 x Burpees
10 Meter Hand-Over-Hand Sled Pull
(attach a rope to a sled, sit down with your legs out in front of you, and pull – weight the sled so that the pull takes approximately 45 seconds on the first set)