Posted on Aug 26, 2015


A. Wrist prep

B. 3 sets of:
Scorpion Stretch x 10reps
Floor Bridge x 5-10secs (Scale to Table Top Bridge Hold)
Bridge Rock x 5reps (Scale to Bridge Hold or Table Top bridge rocks)

B.1 3 sets of:
Headstand + Pike x 3-5 reps + 5sec hold
Headstand Hold x 10sec hold
rest 30seconds
Handstand Balance (To wall) x 10seconds
Gymnastics Lunge to Teeter Totter x 5reps

B.2 3 sets of:
Deficit Strict Handstand Push Up x 2-4 reps
Strict Handstand Push Up x 3-6 reps
Planche Push Ups x 8-10reps
rest 60seconds between sets

C.20min AMRAP
1 round of Cindy
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats
2 rounds of Cindy
Continue to add 1 round of Cindy each round.

Score is total Round completed.

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