Posted on Oct 22, 2016

CrossFit StKilda Workout Of The Day 23/10/2016


A. Odd SKillz – 3 sets of:
10m Single Arm OverHead DB Lunge L – AHAP
15 Dumbell Swings – AHAP
10m Single Arm OH DB Lunge R – AHAP
rest 30seconds

Athletes can use alternate loads for OHL & SWNG.

B. For Time:
20 Pull Ups
80 Double Unders*
40 DB Low Hang Squat Clean 25/15kg
80 Doubles
20 Pull Ups

*Scale to 80singles with 10 attempts at 40/80.

C. Cool Down/Stretch

CFSK Comp.

A. Mobility and Prep

A. Power Clean + Hang Power Clean
Every 60s x 1 Power Clean + Hang Power Clean – AFAP
Add load each set.
Men – Start at 60kg – Min 5kg each set
Women – Start at 40kg – Min 2.5kg each set
Athletes will have 50sec to Lift + 10sec to transition/load bars.
No lifting can be attempted in 10s transition time.

C. BOTB Event 7 2015
8min AMRAP:
8 Back Squats 60/45kg (from racks)
8 Pull Ups
8 Cal Row

B. Odd Skillz EMOTM x 12
M1 – ME Tire Flip
M2 – 12 Double KB Front Rack Step Ups

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