Posted on Sep 22, 2016

CrossFit StKilda Workout Of The Day 23/09/2016

A.Warm Up – Skillz
5 sets of:
10m Handstand Walk
Int/Beg – 3 Wall Climbs
Rest 30seconds
2 Legless Rope Climbs
Int/Beg – 2 Rope Climbs
Rest 30seconds

B. Olympic Lifting – Snatch
EMOTM x 10
Low Hang Power Snatch + Low Hang Snatch
Approx’ 75% 1RM SN
Int/Beg – 2 x Low Hang Power Snatch

C. For Time:
200m Run
20 Alt DB Snatch 25/15kg
200m Run
20 Alt DB Snatch
200m Run

10min Time Cap