Posted on Oct 16, 2015

CrossFit StKilda Workout of The Day 17/10/2015

A. In teams of 3 complete a 20min AMRAP of:
1 x Back Squat – Pick Load
1 x Deadkift – Pick Load
1 x Strict Press – Pick Load
Each team will have 3 bars set up. Weight on each bar must remain the same for all athletes.
on 3-2-1 go, A will perform 1 Back Squat, then move forward and perform 1 x Deadlift while B performs 1 x BSqt. They will then both move to the next bar and C will perform 1 x BS.
Continue is this order for 20mins.

B. In teams of 3 complete a 7min AMRAP of:
Toes to Bar
A performs 5reps while B hangs from Bar and C holds an empty BBell overhead.
Alternate every 5reps.
Barbell cannot touch the floor at any time. If athlete drops from bar, or brings bar to shoulder, athlete performing T2B must stop.

StKilda Barbell

A.Snatch Deficit Deadlift. Set up on a 2″ block: Same set up as Snatch.
Increasing load across all sets.

B. 5 sets of:
1 x Snatch Push Press
1 x Overhead Squat
3-5 x Sotts Press
You select the load….it will be light. Work on external rotation/elbows forward
Barbell can be taken from floor or rack.

C.7min AMRAP
2-4-6-8-10 etc
Power Snatch 55/35kg
Strict Handstand Push/Kipping HSPU/Hand Release Push UP*
* ABMAT + Blue plates must be used for all RX HSPU. No using Rubber floor only. Look after your spine!

CFSK Kids Oct 16&17th.

Warm Up: Tiggy

A. Gymnastics
– Wrist prep
– Headstand / handstand progressions
– Wheelbarrow race

B. Dumbbell Complex
– DB deadlifts (from low hang position)
– DB hang power clean
– DB front squats
– DB push press
– Coach movements individually then put together as a complex

C. Team Metcon (3 per team)
– Team Karen: Accumulate 150 wall balls
– P1: Wall ball
– P2 & P3: Resting at bottom of squat

Game – Tug of war

Hangstrong Gymnastics @ CFSK.

CrossFit StKilda will be hosting 3 Hangstong seminars on November 14th & 15th.

If you wrote down Muscle Ups or Handstands as your goal then these seminars are a MUST.

Even if you are competent at gymnastics, these seminars are essential to your gymnastics development and application of gymnastics for CrossFit.

The cost for each 3hour seminar is $125.00.

When and What:
Saturday 14th November
9:30am – 12:30pm False Grip (Handstand/HS Walk/Ring Muscle Ups)
2pm – 5pm Blindchange (Handstand Push Up/Bar Muscle)

Sunday 15th November
9:30am – 12:30pm False Grip

About Hangstrong:

HangStrong has developed gymnastics seminars and training programs based on a wealth of experience and knowledge. Coaches include world class gymnasts, CrossFit® trainers and exercise science graduates. Our combined knowledge and testing has resulted in a complete and proven training method to improve functional gymnastics movements

Registration is essential and must be received by Oct 26th. Places are limited as spaces will be available to the general public. These seminars are in high demand so do not hesitate.

To register for the upcoming Hangstrong seminars at CrossFit StKilda:

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