Posted on Mar 30, 2014

A. Ring rows x10-12 @3111

Rest 45 Seconds

One arm bottom up KB strict press x10 @3011

Rest 60-120 Seconds


B. EMOTM for 20 minute

Odd minutes 60m Farmers carry AHAP

Even minutes Row 45 seconds hard effort.

Post scores to beyond the whiteboard.

Absolutely amazing afternoon of 14.5 at CFSK! AMAZING!

Everybody did such a great job of what for many was not only a challenging weight but a pretty horrible rep scheme and couplet.

I would however like to send a big shout out to the crowd favorite and the athlete who clearly persevered and pushed through the misery – Chris Tantra.

Chris- you showed so much fight when you were obviously in the pits of hell. It was awesome!

For most of you the 2014 Open is over. Kick back, rest, recover, stay out of the gym for 48 hrs.. Bask in the glory.

To everybody at CFSK,the athletes, supporters, friends , family, you can all be proud of what you achieve everyday in your training and your desire to move better and be healthier.

Enjoy your weekend.


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