Posted on Apr 29, 2014

Movement Prep/Practice 

A. Mobility your choice 10 minutes

B. Locomotion Conditioning Routine Beginner

C. L-sit hang max and picture (take picture with smartphone side view)

D. Handstand hold and picture  (take picture with smartphone front and side view)

E. 90 Seconds max double unders


A. Snatch balance heavy single not max (8 minutes)

B. Snatch single (12 minutes)


Met-con (Anaerobic Lactic Capacity) 

For time – all out effort, no pacing

Row 250m

15 Burpees

25 KBS (24/16kg)

15 Burpees

Row 250m 



A. Couch stretch x5 minutes each side

B. German hang x30 seconds x3

C. Foam roll/lacrosse ball anything tight.

Post results to comments.

Regional events 1-2-3