Posted on Apr 28, 2014

As mentioned in yesterdays post this week we will back off from volume or total reps in each session.

The goal here is to let your body recover somewhat and to finish each session without feeling like you have over done it.

Try and move quickly through each session, listen to your body and if you need to back things off a little go for it.

If your training has been disrupted over the past few weeks and your already feeling good then bring some extra intensity to each day, maybe catch up on something you’ve missed over the past couple of weeks but still try to keep things on the lower volume side to allow you to startour next phase of training feeling good.



Movement Prep/Practice

A. Wrist stretches on all fours x10 reps of each stretch+10 seconds hold after last rep

– Fingers pointed at body with palms up

– Fingers pointed at body with palms down

-Fingers pointed away from body with palms up

-Fingers pointed away from body with palms down

B. Ido basic shoulder ROM and stabilisation routine


C. Three sets for quality

Single leg hip thrust x20 (10 each side – alternating)

Hawaiian squat x5 each leg 

X-band walk x20m

Cossack squat x10


A. 3 Reps of each, twice through the complex

Clean-Grip RDL
Clean Pull from Below Knee
Front Squat
High Hang Power Clean + Push Press
Clean from Below Knee + Jerk

(Perform with empty barbell.)

B. Clean and jerk – max for the day 

Dmitriy Klokov of Russia celebrates in t

C. Back squat @40X0 heavy 3 for the day


C1 Back squat x3 minus 5-10kg

Rest 1-2 minutes


D. For quality

Max strict pull-ups @30X1

Max pistols each leg


A. Floor piriformis stretch (plus partner assist)

B. Spend 10 minutes on mobility

Post results to comments.