Posted on Apr 27, 2014


Listed below are some details on how we will progress the PTT program during our next 4 week meso-cycle or in other words the focus for training over the next 4 weeks.

Monday & Friday

These will still be rest days with Friday being ACTIVE REST

Active rest is there to keep your aerobic capacity from dropping during our hypertrophy and strength phases of training without having a negative impact on your strength gains.

35-45 Minutes of light low impact aerobic activity couple with some CF related skill work and mobility will assist in keeping you fresh for any upcoming comps and will also keep your aerobic base solid for when we look to build on it closer to the end of the year or our competition season.


For each day there will be a specific focus and even body parts we will be trying to hit…Sound a little like a body building split? *gasp….Well it is in some ways and although we wont be performing any bicep curls we will build strength in specific areas that the group are weak (scapular, upper back, hips, legs)

Upper Body Strength

Gymnastics strength training both straight arm (think planche, levers etc) and bent arm (think rope climbs, headstand push-ups) will be used for most of the upper body training and to give you an idea why I will quote Coach Sommers from Gymnastics Bodies…

“I guess whether or not my athletes have been successful with their occassional experiments with lifting would depend upon your standards and how you feel about a 1.5 bodyweight jerk, a 300lb bench and a triple bodyweight deadlift. 

– Not text book form by any means, however the first and only time they ever attempted OL, in only 45 minutes an Olympic Lifting coach had all of my guys jerking 1.5 times bodyweight.

He assured me that their form was terrible and then we both laughed when we began to consider what they would be capable of jerking once they learned proper technique.

– Dillon benched 300lbs at a bodyweight of 145lbs after spending a couple of weeks messing with bench press in college.

– JJ pulled a triple bodyweight deadlift (405lbs at 135lbs bodyweight) his first day of high school weight lifting.”

Now I do not claim to have the knowledge of Coach Sommers in gymnastics training but I do no what is important in CF competition and longevity in this sport. Using methods developed and proven by Coach Sommers I am certain you will all progress safely and quickly in upper body strength

Squatting & Pulling

Squatting 3x per week using a slightly modified “Texas method” geard mainly towards functional hypertrophy aka “Gains” which will help build a solid base level of strength and movement quality through both tempo work and slightly higher repetition.

After this phase of our training is built up we will move onto a higher intensty squat cycle that will help build your lower rep maxes e.g. 1-3 rm’s

Pulling will be performed heavy 1x per week with either the conventional or sumo deadlift with similar goals as listed above for squatting and we will also implement clean and snatch deadlifts with slow eccentrics to build strength in the positions we need to maintain during those lifts.

Technique in olympic lifting could still be improved greatly and we will still work on it, for most of you it is your absolute strength that lets you down…We know this by comparing your power clean/power snatch 1RM’s to your back squat and deadift 1RM’s they are way to close to each other.

To give you and idea how things should look for Male X (our male avatar the program is partly based on) his power snatch is around 75% of his back squat whereas we would ideally have it around 51%. The same goes for Female X (our female avatar the program is partly based on)


As mentioned briefly in yesterdays post  we will use integrated mobility within our training sessions to keep you all away from injury and to improve ROM to get you in better positions. This needs to be one of our primary focuses with many of you lacking full ROM in many movements.

Energy System training (EST – Met-con)

We will always hit every energy systems but will bias one or two at different times of the year.

Currently we want to build a huge aerobic base without impacting our strength work.

To do this we will use MAP work 2x per week a long with 1-2 Z1 recovery/restoration pieces.

This training should not be confused with testing where you may be asked to go 100% (Think “Helen” or 5km Row for time).

Words such as sustainable, repeatable and even pace should be thought of when you see a conditioning piece programmed with a 80-90% effort.

In some cases we will split training into an AM and PM session but I know this may not always be possible.

For now prioritise the strength work and get some extra aerobic work done on your active rest day and even catch up on a conditioning pice missed during the week on a Saturday or Sunday if possible.

Dont worry to much tho as there will be a time in the near future once your strength, structure and mobility have improved that we will increase our met-con work and reduce strength training a little.

As always thanks for being dedicated to the program, its been a great year so far and with consitency I expect many of you to be at a much higher level of competition by this time next year.

In the unlikely event you feel that the PTT program is not specific enough for your goals/needs then please contact me via email to discuss other programming options.