Posted on Apr 27, 2014

Below is a brief outline of what the CFSK main program will be focused on for the next 6 weeks and why.


In other words helping you become more balanced from right-left, increase mobility and create a solid foundation for strength and conditioning work.

Many of you struggled with getting getting into positions that would have allowed you to express your full potential in many of the tests we completed over the past 2 weeks.

We will utilise a system of integrated mobility to improve positions while you train along with plenty of unilateral work to improve on structural balance.

This isn’t always the most fun or exciting work but it yields great results and will keep injury at bay and allow for progress not just for the next week/month but for many years.


A story I here’d recently was of a gymnast with a massive strength base  performing the following workout…

AMRAP in 10 minutes

15 Bar muscle-ups (strict)

20 Jumping squats (which he ended up changing for squat backsaults)

His score…10 rounds!!!!!

Thats 150 bar muscle-ups in 10 minutes…INSANE!

Obviously this strength was developed through the use of many many progressions through various movements over years and years.

Moral of the story is be patient, consistent and work hard at becoming stronger and it will improve almost every other aspects of your training.

When we tested lactic capacity with this workout

For time 25 thrusters 25 KBS 25 Burpees

Many of you lacked the needed strength to elicit the response we wanted from that workout so therefore we will look to improve strength in many ways over coming weeks/months and see how that effects this aspect of your training.

Along with gymnastics strength training we will squat 2-3x per week and follow a strength program designed for continued progress over a number of years.

For anyone who feels they are not progressing with the CFSK program and have been training for over 2+ years please contact Paris via email to discuss other programming options such as the PTT program which is designed for an athlete with a higher weight training age.


MAP (maximal aerobic power) work will be performed 3x per week.

After 6 weeks we will gauge your improvements on some of the below tests.

-2km row

-500m row

– 45 Minute aerobic capacity test


For any questions or more information don’t hesitate to contact me on the above email

Thanks and happy training



A1. Back squat x8 @30×1 – Hold tempo, same weight each set.

A2. Cossack squat x10 – Stand up between reps, as wide as possible

Rest 60 seconds


B1. Speed skater squats x5 –  be controlled the entire movement.

Rest 30 seconds

B2. Natural leg extension x5 – Start from kneeling tuck hips lean body back without arching lower back then return to vertical. Keep hips flat

Rest 30 seconds



B. AMRAP in 10 minutes @80-90% effort – constant movement.

20m Bear crawl – straight legs

20m Broad jump

20m Walking lunge

Post scores to beyond the whiteboard.