Posted on Apr 26, 2014

Last training day of a 4 week meso-cycle before we take a de-load.

How do yo feel you have you progressed so far with the bent arm and straight arm strength work?

How are your squats and deadlifts feeling?

Posts will now be linked to the CFSK Facebook Page for when you post your results.

Some of you have done a great job with posting results which gives me a good indication of your progress and what you struggle with, this in turn allows me to alter the program to suit your needs specifically. Many of you tho have fallen off the posting wagon so to speak and are missing out on a more personalised prescription. This is your loss not anyone else’s, put into the program, stay consistent and post results…Do this and you will progress much faster and become a much better athlete.

Now I know some of you are short on time and may struggle to perform mobility along with your training so we will try to combat this by utilising some  integrated mobility methods from Coach Sommers of Gymnastics bodies. Paring of movements with mobility/flexibility pieces will allow for a more efficient session. The mobility/flexibility work will also assist in preventing injury and improving movement quality.


Movement Prep/Practice

A. Farmers carry/Sled pull/Prowler push x60m of each x 2-3

B. Cossack squat/Deck squat x 10 of each x 2-3

C. Face down hollow hold/Arch body hold x 60 seconds of each x 2-3

D. Tabata Extra Wide Sumo Stance Squat Hold (Banded + Empty BB)


A.Sumo Back squat x10-12 @30X1


A1. Sumo Back squat x6-8 @30X1

Between sets perform long lunge hip circles x20 e/s 


B. DB RLESS x8-10 @50X1

Between sets perform Hawaiian squat x 10 (5 e/s)


Bent Arm strength

A. Strict Muscle-up x3-8 or 60 seconds transitions

Between sets complete banded shoulder distraction  x 60 seconds e/s


B1. Strict Chest to bar Pullups or L-pullups x5-10 @30X1

Rest 30 seconds

B2. Wall Headstand push-ups x5-10 @30X1

Between sets complete bent over lat stretch x60 seconds e/s


C1.Ring Rows x5-10 @31X1

Rest 30 seconds

C2. Dips or L-sit dips x5-10 @31X1

Between sets complete Xiaopeng forward x5 Use a light DB 2.5-5kg no swinging control the entire movement



A. Sled pull x 10 minutes constant movement

B. Reverse hyper x20 x2 (light)

C. Bottom of squat x 10 minutes

Post results to comments.