Posted on Apr 26, 2014

This session is designed to have you feeling 100% ready for testing and also to allow for some recovery time at the end of the session.

Spend the time today working with your coach to ensure you are moving well and have selected the correct movement option to elicit the response we are looking for with the lactic capacity test courtesy of James.Fitzgerald of

Tomorrow we will post some details on how we will be progressing the CFSK program further over the next 6 weeks based on how everyone performed over the past 2 weeks of testing.

After the next 6 weeks we will re-test to see how you have all progressed.

Movement practice

A1. Face down hollow hold x60 seconds

A2. Good morning squat x10 – Empty BB

A3. Row 60 seconds @light effort + 30 Seconds @ Hard effort + 60 seconds @ light effort


B1. Hold in support on rings or FLR on rings x20-30 seconds

B2. Active hang from rings (bottom of ring row) x20-30 seconds


NOTE: for the above alternate work/rest with a partner after every movement.

Met-con (Lactic Capacity Test – mixed modal)

A. 3 Rounds for time

15 Dead Lift (80/60kg)

15 Ring Dips or Push-ups

-Weight/movement selection should allow for constant movement. Sub 4 minutes

-This is for time but focus still on movement quality, neutral spine on DL & full ROM on dips with turn out at top.

Cool down

A. 10 Minutes coaches choice of animal walks, light rowing & dynamic mobility

Post scores to beyond the whiteboard.