Posted on Mar 25, 2014

Movement Prep/Practice

-Air bike/Rower/Sled/Farmers carry 10 Minutes – Light effort

Ido Shoulder prep

-3×10 Wrist raises + Wrist push-ups

A. EMOTM for 5 Minutes

Push Jerk x4-6 – Pick weight stay light if needed

-No re-set on shoulders avoid getting pulled forward and no press out.

B. 10 Minute AMRAP

Turkish get-ups

-Slow and controlled goal is to rest minimal whle not going fast.


30 Seconds Air bike @90% Hard effort

Rest 2:30

60 Seconds Thrusters (35/25kg) @90% Hard effort

Rest 5 Minutes

90 Seconds Burpees to 1ft target @90% Hard effort

-Record cals/reps.

-Work on breathing and pacing for each effort you should be very close to a 100% effort on each but without going so hard you stop.

-Think about the last 30-90 seconds of 7 Minutes of Burpees and the pace you would want to hit when you decide to empty the tank try and find the pace today.

D. Mobility/Flexibility

-German hang 3×30 Seconds

-Roll out quads and glutes 10 minutes each

-Ball/Stretch anything tight 10-15  minutes

Post results to comments.

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