Posted on Feb 25, 2014

Group A/C (Friday night & Monday repeat groups)

1.  Mobility

-5-10 minutes on Thoracic mobility

-5-10 minutes on Upper Extremity Mobility

-10-12 Minutes on Lower Extremity Mobility

2. Yoga

To help you relax  get into the yoga class tonight at CFSK 7:30pm


3. Nutrition

Make sure you have adequate food prepped for the next few days especially if you are going to repeat on Monday.

Group B (Sunday morning)

1. Movement prep

a) 5 Minutes row relaxed pace

b) 3 sets of 20 Banded rows 20 banded tricep ext 20 Banded good mornings

c)  50 Russian baby makers

2. Movement practice

a) 3×5 Heavy slam ball Zercher squats

b) 3×15 Second active hang from bar 15 Second hold in support on rings (rings turned out)

3. Met-con

EMOTM for 10 minutes

Odd Row 10 Strong pulls (Goal is Sub 1:45 500m ave guys – Sub 2:00 Minute 500m ave girls)

Even 10 Heavy wall balls

4. Skills

Spend 20 minutes working through the following at a contrlled pace…

5 Strict pull-ups

10 DB Power snatch (pick weight – 5/Each side)

5 Strict toes to bar

10 Empty BB Overhead squats (close grip)

5 Strict Ring dips

5. Yoga or Mobility

30-60 minutes.

Post results to comments.

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