Posted on Mar 24, 2014

Movement Prep/Practice

-DB External Rotation Seated @3010 x8 Reps  –

One foot on bench one on floor, elbow of tested arm between VMO and kneecap, elbow below shoulder, humorous slightly in front of chest, 90 degree bend in elbow the hole time. Start from upright pos. Non dominant arm first.

Side Lying Powell Raise @ 3010 x8 Reps –

Lying on side resting on elbow – Body straight – Arm in line with chin

NOTE: Work to a challenging weight for both the above DB exercises starting very light around 2.5kg.

A. Front squat build to a heavy single (20 Minutes)

B. Close grip bench press build to a heavy single @ 31X0 (15 Minutes)

C. Deadlift build to a heavy single (20 Minutes)

NOTE: For all of todays heavy singles – movement quality takes priority over weight lifted.

Take 3-4 minutes rest between heavier sets.

D. For time


Deadlifts (80% todays 1RM)

Thrusters (80% of last weeks 1RM – No Racks)

Post results to comments.