CFSTK Daily Fitness 27/09/20

Posted on Sep 26, 2020

Rest day or Build Your Own Adventure/Misery using elements and movements from the CFSTK week. Dont forget to post your workout and times to the members page so other people can play along…

CFSTK Daily Fitness 26/09/20

Posted on Sep 25, 2020

A. 6 RFT 200m Run 16 Alt Pistol Squats 5m Handstand Walk* 7 Handstand Push Ups* Adv- try and walk to the wall and move directly into HSPU. If you don’t have 5m, use whatever distance you have and then make up the reps to a total of 8-12reps. EG: 3m Walk + 9 HSPU […]

CFSTK Daily Fitness 25/09/20

Posted on Sep 24, 2020

FFFFFF-Friday A. 25m AMRAP 40 Air Squats 30 Push Ups 20 DB Clean & Jerk (10 E/S) Alt arms every 2reps. B. EMOM x 6 M1 – Perfect Plank Hold M2 – Rest

CFSTK Daily Fitness 24/09/20

Posted on Sep 23, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday A. For time; 20 Lateral Burpee over DB Then 3 rounds of: 20m Overhead Lunge (10m E/S) 10 Single Arm Devils Press (5 E/S) Then: 20 Lateral Burpee over DB B. Tabata Single Arm DB Swings + Hollow Hold 20s Left Swings 10s Rest 20s Hollow 10s Rest 20s Right Swings 10s Rest […]

Whaaaaa Happen When?sday! – Sprintlets!

Posted on Sep 22, 2020
Whaaaaa Happen When?sday! – Sprintlets!

Whaaaaa Happen When?sday! A. Every 5mins x 5 80/60 Double Unders* 200m Run** 10 Squat Cleans (10 ES) *60-90s practice/half reps/2 x Singles **30 Air Squats or 30 rev Lunge or 30 squat thrusts Scale to ensure you get 45-60s rest each round. B. 8m AMRAP 10 DB Sit Ups 10 DB Rows (10 E/S […]

CFSTK Daily Fitness 22/09/20

Posted on Sep 21, 2020

Terrible/Terrific Tuesday A. 6m AMRAP 10 Squat Thrust 4/2 Handstand Push Ups Rest 3mins; B. 6min AMRAP 10 DB Thrusters (5 E/S) 5/3 Hand Release Push Ups Rest 3mins; C. For time: 15/12 Handstand Push Ups 30 Squat Thrust 15/12 Hand Release Push Ups 30 DB Thruster (15 E/S)

CFSTK Daily Fitness 21/09/20

Posted on Sep 20, 2020

MAAAAD Monday A. EMOM x 14 M1 – Clean Complex 1 Power Clean + 2 Hang Squat Clean + 3 Front Squat (Left + Right) M2 – 20/15 DB Swings B. 3rounds: 100m Run* 14 Alt DB Snatch 18 Alt Weighted Pistols** *Find a scale that works for 30-40s and is reasonably LEG heavy. **If […]

CFSTK Games Weekend Ev5&6&7

Posted on Sep 19, 2020

CFSTKG. Ev5: Nasty Nancy 5 RFT 500m Run/Row 15 Overhead Squats* 15 DB Facing Burps *Alternate arms, split reps anyway. Scale to front squat if not going overhead. CFSTKG. Ev6: Max Freestanding HS Hold (20mins to find a Max attempt)* RX: Make out a 4’x4’ box. Scale: Max Distance HS Walk/6 x 1min HS Hold/Spend […]

CFSTK Games Weekend Ev3&4

Posted on Sep 19, 2020

CFSTK Games Weekend CFG. Ev3: Damn Dianne 3RFT 30 DB Deadlifts* 15 Strict Def HSPU** *Note that we have increased the reps from 15 to 30 for this workout. If you have a barbell do 15-20reps. **HSPU/abmat/reduce reps to 10/25 Pike Push Ups Rest 10mins then; CFG. Ev4: For time; 1000m Row Or: 1000m Run […]

CFSTK Games Weekend

Posted on Sep 18, 2020
CFSTK Games Weekend

CFG. Ev.1: Friendly FranRAP; 12m AMRAP of: 21 DB Thrusters (DB held end to end) 21 Pull Ups* *Scale to: 14 Squat Thrust + 7 Push Ups Scoring: A – Time after 3rounds B – Total rounds & reps Rest 5mins – then; CFG. Ev2: For time; 200m DB Walking Lunge (DB Held end to […]