CFSK WOD 22/08/2015

Posted on Aug 21, 2015

A. Tabata “Pancake Breakfast” Hollow Rock 8x 20s On/10s Rest rest 60seconds Bottom to Bottom Air Squats 8x 20s On/10s Rest in bottom position B. In teams of three, complete five rounds each for time of: Row 500 Meters 25 Goblet Squats or Double-Kettlebell Front Squats 5 Wall Climbs Each team member will start at […]

CFSK WOD 21/08/2015

Posted on Aug 20, 2015

A.4 sets of: Weighted Pull Ups x 3-5 reps or Strict Pull Up x 4-6reps or Negative Pull Ups x 3-5reps – 3 second hold with chin over bar + 3 seconds descend to bottom Jump or step up to start next rep. rest 90seconds between sets A. Rene’ Complete 7 rounds for time of: […]

CFSK WOD 20/08/2015

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

A.Tempo Back Squat 5 x 5 @ 35X1 Work up and establish a weight you can maintain across all 5 sets. A.1. With a partner complete 3 sets each of: Assisted Glute Ham Raise x 6-8reps B.Complete for time: 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders 6-9-12-15-18 Back Squats @ 80% Part A. Aim is to go unbroken for […]

CFSK WOD 19/08/2015

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

A. With an empty Barbell perform 5 sets of: 2 x Muscle Snatch 2 x High Hang Power Snatch 2 x Snatch Balance A.1 Every 90seconds x 8 1 x Snatch Deadlift + 1 x Low Hang Snatch Sets 1-2 Same Weight Sets 3-4 Add Weight Sets 5-6 Add Weight Sets 7-8 Final Weight B. […]

CFSK WOD 18/08/2015

Posted on Aug 17, 2015

A.Skill Kipping Progressions Butterfly Kip Progressions A. EMOTM x 12 Min 1 – 8-10 x Dbl KettleBell Front Squats Min 2 – 8-10 x Butterfly Pull Ups/8-10 x Kipping Pull Ups/8 x Assisted Pull Up Assisted Pull Up – Can be banded or partner assisted. B. Row Max Effort 20seconds for Max meters rest 2:40 […]

CFSK WOD 17/08/2015

Posted on Aug 16, 2015

A. 3 sets of: Single Arm DB Bent Row x 8-10reps each side rest 30sec Dumbell Shrugs x 8-10reps rest 60sec B. Clean 5-4-3-2-1-1 Rest 2mins between sets Working to a heavy/technical single. C. Complete the following sets for time: 15-12-9-6 Power Cleans @ 70% Part A. Front Rack Lunges Save the date CFSK! The […]

CFSK WOD 16/08/2015

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

A. Tabata Banded Barbell Glute Bridge Rest phase is holding at top. B. Every 3minutes Back Squat Set 1 – 5 reps @ 65% Set 2 – 4 reps @ 75% Set 3 – 3 reps @ 85% Set 4 – 2 reps @ 90% Set 5 – 1 rep @ 95% Set 6 – […]

CFSK WOD 15/08/2015 Team Triple

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

CFSK Team Triple: In Teams of 3 complete the following workouts, each for time: A. Team Fran 90 Thrusters (42.5/30kg) 90 Pull Ups Each athlete will complete 30 reps of each performing 5 reps at a time. Barbell cannot touch the floor at any time. Time Cap: 12mins rest 5mins: B. Team Grace 90 Clean […]

CFSK WOD 14/08/2015

Posted on Aug 13, 2015

A. Every 2minutes for 7 sets: 2 x Strict Press + 2 x Push Press Peform sets 1-3 at the same weight. Increase weight for set 4 & 5, add weight for set 6 and add weight for set 7. B. Against a 3min clock: 100m Double KB/DB Overhead Carry Max Cal Row/Air Assault in […]

CFSK WOD 13/08/2015

Posted on Aug 12, 2015

A. 3 sets: Banded Lat Drill x 8-10reps (No Bar) rest 30seconds 45second Face Down Hollow Hold w’ PVC held overhead rest 60seconds B. Every 2minutes for 14minutes (7sets) Deadlift x 3 reps Work up and establish a weight you can maintain across all 3 sets. Between sets accrue 50 x Banded Tri Pull Downs […]

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