01/12/13 – 30 On 30 Off –

Posted on Nov 30, 2013

1. Met-con A. 10 Rounds of 30 Seconds Max row 30 Seconds Rest… REST 3-5 Minutes before starting B. B. 10 Rounds of 30 seconds Max Wall balls 30 seconds Rest Post scores to Beyond the Whiteboard. Good luck to everyone competing at the CF Red Bluff competition today!

30/11/13 – “Diane” –

Posted on Nov 29, 2013

1. Deadlift 3×10 (add weight each set start light) 3×60 second plank hold between sets. 2. Benchmark “Diane” For time 21-15-9 Deadlift (102.5/70kg) HSPU NOTE: 10 minute time cap…Scale HSPU with abmats, reps or DB Strict press. Post scores to Beyond the Whiteboard.

29/11/13 – Front Squats –

Posted on Nov 28, 2013

1. Met-con 4 Rounds for time of Run 200m 20 Mountain climbers (each step=1rep) 10 Squat thrust box jumps (24/20″) 2. Squats Front squat 1×10 then 4×5-8 (increasing weight each set. Option to clean from floor if possible) Between sets total 100 Banded rows Post scores to Beyond the Whiteboard.

– CrossFit Red Bluff Comp –

Posted on Nov 28, 2013

This Sunday December 1st our friends at CF Red Bluff are holding there annual CrossFit competition. Many of CFSK’s PTT group will be competing! The PTT group train together every Saturday preparing for competitions such as this. If last years comp was anything to go by it should be a great day! Come by and show […]


Posted on Nov 28, 2013

The CFSK WITNESS THE FITNESS XMAS PARTY SATURDAY DECEMBER 14TH. 2PM-8PM MIDDLE PARK BOWLING CLUB. RSVP’S ARE ESSENTIAL – ADMIN@CROSSFITSTKILDA.COM Cost is $35 per person and that covers Food, Lawn Bowls and general awesomeness. (Alcohol and drinks will be at regular Bar Prices) XMAS  PARTY PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE  and can be made […]

28/11/13 – For Reps –

Posted on Nov 27, 2013

1. Gymnastics/Strength a-5xMax Strict pull-ups Rest 15 second Max strict chin ups Rest 2 Minutes between sets. b-5×10 Strict leg raise or Toe to bar (use partner to block from the back to focus on closing hips not shoulders.) 2. Met-con For reps 3 Minutes Max Cal row Rest 60 seconds 3 Minutes Max Double […]

27/11/13 – 2009 Mid-West Regional Qualifier Wod #2 –

Posted on Nov 26, 2013

1. Olympic Lifting 5×5 OHS or Heaving snatch balance (Light-moderate) then 3×3 Pos Snatch (Light-moderate) 2. Met-con 2009 Mid-West Regional Qualifier Wod #2 5 Rounds for time 7 Double Kettle bell Thrusters (24/16kg) 11 Burpees Graham Holmberg Mid-west Regional Qualifier Wod 2 Post scores to Beyond the Whiteboard.

– PTT –

Posted on Nov 26, 2013

Hey team, hope you all enjoyed Saturdays session as much as I did! Everyone who made it in moved better and lifted more than I had expected it was awesome! For those of you competing at the Red Bluff comp on Sunday I advise you stick to the following schedule for this week to taper […]

26/11/13 – “Helen”

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

1. Benchmark “Helen” 3 Rounds for time Run 400m 21 Kettle bell swings (24/16kg) 12 Pull-ups 2. Pull/Push 3 Sets not for time… 12 Goodmornings (Pick weight) 12 Ring rows 12 Ring dips NOTE: Minimal rest between sets and movements.   Post scores to Beyond the Whiteboard. OPT WOD Demo “Helen” Sub 7 minutes.  

25/11/13 – Back Squats –

Posted on Nov 24, 2013

1. Squats Back squat 1×10 then 4×5 (add weight each set working to a heavy set of 10 then 5) Total 100 Knee banded hip thrusts between sets. NO more than 2 minutes rest between sets. 2. Met-con AMRAP in 8 minutes 10 Toes to bar 10 DB Push Press (20/15kg) 10 Jumping lunges Post scores […]