Posted on Nov 17, 2013

1) Mobility

Spend 10 minutes mobility (coaches choice)

2) Squats

Wide stance back squat 4×8 (Light)

Good morning 4×10 (Light)

3) Conditioning

EMOTM for 10 minutes

10 Sit-ups 5 Jumping squats 5 Ball slams (light)


AMRAP in 60 seconds max ball slams (light)

Post scores to Beyond the Whiteboard.

Great week of testing last week! 

It was awesome to see how well everyone performed after a hard 10 week training block.

There where a lot of pb’s with everyone moving nicely and most still having a little left in the tank.

It was a pretty big week so before we move onto a new block of programming we will have a deload week.

This week is to help you focus on all of the following

-Soft-tissue work
-Active recovery
-Strength training form

Each session this week will begin with 10 minutes of foam rolling and mobility work of your coaches choosing.

Intensity and volume will obviously be lower in these sessions and the BB work this week is to be performed with light to moderate loads.

Enjoy the change of pace and make the most of this week.

Come into do some yoga, get out doors with the Run CFSK group and spend some extra time on mobility specific to you.

We will be ramping things up again for another 5-6 weeks heading into the Christmas period and the New Year.

Thanks CFSK