“It’s been two months now and I can’t properly express how happy I am to have found, and been welcomed by, the CFSK family, I’m only kicking myself I didn’t join earlier. To have amazing coaches, great facilities and friendly faces whilst also enjoying noticeable fitness gains and weight loss is almost too good to be true. As someone who often finishes workouts last (for now, just wait till I get up with the best of ’em) it’s awesome how those who have already finished rally around to encourage and spur me on, it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the good times and great progress that I know are still to come at CFSK!

Thanking you all.



“Move well, eat well and live well – this is what has happened to me since 2007 when I kicked off my Crossfit journey, a journey that I will continue for the rest of my life. Not only did it remove consistent 15yr back pain, it has set me up for an active, enjoyable and exciting lifestyle.

The coaches at CFSK give me the knowledge and guidance to explore my physical and mental boundaries….and then smash them along with the amazing group of people that I train with. It’s nice to know that I’m fitter nudging 40 than I ever was in my 20’s and 30’s – as tacky as it sounds I guess you could say I am cross-fitter, across all parts of my life.”

Karl Deitz

“Dear Crossfit St Kilda, I came to your box with the perception that I understood compounding physiological exercise. As a paramedic and Chiropractor, I have always had an interest and desire to maximise my knowledge and apploication of the most effective ways to perform at your potential.

“Fran” in week one humbled me.

While the changes in my overall health have been amplified by the workouts, expert coaching and guidance at CFSK, the community and camraderie have given me a lifestyle option with secondary and tertiary benefits.

With no background in Olympic lifting or gymnastics, my neuromusculoskeletal integration was immature and in time I began to notice movement issues with my training. The option of having private times with the coaches have not only aided me in being injury free, but together with the adjustments and healthy eating, my techniques, workout times, fitness and by deduction my longevity have all improved.

How exciting for me that they will continue to improve. That is the critical factor, every workout, every day different and there is no ceiling to my improvements.

Thank you so much Rose and all the coaches.

All my sentiments were solidified last week when I completed my Crossfit certification and the overseas trainers commented on 4 occassions at “how well you have been coached, your points of performance are impecable.”

I am nowhere near the best crossfitter at CFSK but I am an infinitely better crossfitter and person than I was when I began.”

Dr Warren Sipser, Chiropractor

“‘What is Crossfit?’ The question I get asked by my friends and patients everyday… ‘Is that how you stay fit?’
Usually my response is followed by a simple one line statement … ‘Crossfit changed my life’
I know that sounds very cliche, and much like some of the other stories we hear so commonly today, but for me it is simple…

‘Crossfit, and everyone that comes with it, has become a part of my daily routine that I embrace with a smile! It challenges me, and has made me a better person’

I never really lacked confidence and consider myself to be sickeningly optimistic, but like most of the female population I had insecurities with my body image that I have carried with me my whole life. It was 16 months ago today that I walked into the warehouse-gym-thing, I refer to as ‘my box’. When I started I couldn’t even hang myself from a bar, let alone attempt to climb up a rope. Now I am kipping pull ups without a band, box jumping without fear, and thrusting like a boss.

I made a promise to myself that at 34 years of age, I would become the fittest, strongest, and healthiest I could be. After months of wanting to quit, constant bruises, changes to my diet, a 12 kg drop in weight, and daily WODs; I am happy to say that I have achieved my goal. I may not have totally embraced the paleo diet, still need to keep pushing my knees out, can’t get a hang of the hook-grip, and have a long way to go with my snatching… BUT I can always depend on my awesome friends/coaches and amazing new family at CFSK to continue to encourage me everyday.

‘Thank-you for helping me find the best version of myself I could possibly be.'”


Dr Jade Harries, Osteopath