Unlimited Membership

The best bang for your buck. We recommend this option for members who aim to train 3+ times per week.
Unlimited benefits include:
– Regular contact with coaches for consistent monitoring of your progress.
– Daily WODs (workout of the day), programmed and coached by our expert staff
– Unlimited access to the full timetable of classes
– Olympic Weightlifting classes two days per week
– Daily Mobility sessions at 6pm
– Access to our purpose built Creche area.
– Open Gym sessions for experienced CrossFitters* (by negotiation)

Fortnightly Payment options (direct debit/CC payments):
– Unlimited membership : $125.00
– 3 sessions per week: $100.00
– 2 sessions per week: $78.00

Prepaid options:
– 3 month membership: $814.00
– 6 month membership: $1,629.00
– 12 month membership: $3,250.00

10 Session Pass
For people with busy life schedules, on/off work arrangements, other fitness endeavours or just easing into the fitness lifestyle.
– 10 session pass- $230.00 (expiry of 2 months from date of purchase)

Visitor Pass
For competent and experienced CrossFitters in town for a short period.
Weekly pass: $80

Drop In Session
For proficient CrossFitters visiting for a session.
Casual Session – $25.00 OR purchase CFSTK merchandise or apparel.