Unlimited Membership

Becoming a member at CFSTK gets you access to a number of benefits:

  • Daily WODS (workout of the day) that get programmed and coached by our expert staff
  • Unlimited access to our regular CrossFit sessions
  • Yoga classes two days per week*(CFSTK Yoga is currently on hold until Spring 2017)
  • Olympic Weightlifting classes two days per week
  • Access to our Creche, three days per week
  • Open Gym sessions for experienced CrossFitters* (by negotiation)
  • Daily Mobility sessions at 6pm

Unlimited members may choose to pay their fees in a variety of ways.  Please select the option below that best suits your needs.  We offer fortnightly direct debit payments and all of our other options require payment up front, and in full.

  • Fortnightly direct debit payments: $115.00
  • 3 month membership: $690.00
  • 6 month membership: $1,380.00
  • 12 month membership: $2,760.00

10 Session Pass

10 session pass- $200.00 (expiry of 8 weeks)

*To be eligible for the 10session pass you need to have trained with CFSTK for 8months on direct debit.

Temporary visitors, who are competent and experienced CrossFitters, may also take advantage of the 10 session pass.

Drop In Session

Casual Session – $25.00/buy some CFSTK merchandise or apparel.

The drop in rate is for proficient Crossfitters visiting for a session.