Established in the heart of St. Kilda, CFSK is a community-oriented, family friendly CrossFit gym.  We employ exceptional coaches, run an extensive timetable of classes, incorporate yoga, mediation and weightlifting, and have an established creche three days per week.  We are lovers of people, music, art, history, skateboarding, family, and dogs.

Nothing we do is standard, ordinary, or “normal”, as we constantly push the boundaries, looking for the best methods, programming styles, and teaching techniques for our members.

At the heart of CFSK are Lockie and the CFSK Coaches looking to create an environment that is truly cultivated by the members.  This is your gym and you can create the exact experience that you crave.  We are the “Misfits of Fitness”, simply meaning that we accept you just the way you are.  In the quirky StKilda area, that means members of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and experiences, and we want and love them all.

You can do CrossFit at any gym throughout Melbourne, and there are many places to choose from, but you should join CFSK if you are looking for more than just a place to train, but a place to be welcomed into a great fitness family.

Please book into one of our Introductory Sessions to see what the CrossFit St. Kilda, misfit philosophy is truly all about.